Airport shuttle – guaranteed fares

We offer guaranteed maximum fares for all rides between Bergen Flesland Airport and downtown Bergen. This means that you will pay the meter fare, but never more than the designated maximum fare for the time of your journey.
Maximum fares are as follows:


Valid from 15.05.24

Mon-Fri 06-22
Nights, weekends & holidays
Mon-Fri 22-06, Sat/Sun 
1-4 passengers 580630
5-8 passengers 820890
Toll fee NOK 7 applies to all transports in Bergen.  Airport tax of NOK 10 will apply for all taxi rides from the airport.

Valid between Bergen Airport Flesland and all addresses with postal codes 5003-5008 / 5010-5018, see map below. Applies to direct bookings  and spot rides in both directions.

Would you like a more personal service, with a driver that greets you with a name sign in the arrivals hall? Just contact us via or phone +47 55 99 70 00 for a price quote!

fastpris på taxi innenfor dette området i kartet